Saturday, 4 July 2009

Project Code Names

Always start a new project with a totally domain-agnostic codename, e.g. Argon or Oxide, or Phosphate or BobTheProject!  If you were starting a project for XYZ Insurance, the most obvious name for the project is XYZ, but in a few years, when XYZ is bought out by AAA insurance, suddenly the project name is incorrect. 

Or if you create a project which calculates the Fibonacci sequence, you might call it  Fibonacci; however, when you want to evolve the project to calculate prime numbers, the project name will again be incorrect and mean you have a either ignore it, or rename everything  - which costs time and money, also on a large project team, you could inhibit other developers from proceeding with their work.  This is why project names are often left alone.

The easiest solution is, from the outset, create a project codename.  The codename is only really relevant to people working on the project.  It helps create the project as a conceptual entity in its own right; that services both the purpose of the project and the organisation that owns it.