Thursday, 8 May 2014

Nibs & Auto-Layout - iPhone, iPad apps dev.

I create a lot more Nibs for my iPhone app UIs since Auto-Layout was introduced.  I hate Auto-Layout at first, because it seemed a bit unreliable in Interface Builder; and to be fair, you do have to occasionally just throw away all your constraints and start again, but that's OK, as I remember writing vast amounts of UI obj-c code in the past, which was far more arduous.

It's still a harder way to define UI than say, Android or Windows Phone UI dev; with that, it's just XML (Android layout XML and XAML respectively) and it 'feels' intuitive, almost like a "better" version of HTML. 

I strongly recommend going through the pain of learning Auto Layout!
If you happen to read any books about Auto Layout which make it seem complex, then you're reading the wrong book, as it's not that bad.  Also, check out Masonry: